Things You Should Know About Dining Etiquettes

Dining out with friends, family or colleagues is a joyous moment, a time for celebration. Well, whether it’s a social gathering or a business call your dining etiquettes are always under surveillance— beware of any faux pas.

Now don’t get intimidated, you simply need to master the basic nuances of dining and get appreciated by one and all. Before you are ready to savor the perfect flavor, aroma and the magical spell of the dishes, get your protocols straight. The article will help broaden your perspectives on the dining etiquettes in a restaurant, ensuring a delightful experience for both—the hosts and the guests.

Bookings and Arrival

The world is now plagued by electronic gadgets; be smart, make the effort to fetch your expensive Smartphone and book a reservation. Hustling for a seat at the restaurant isn’t a gracious act. Get the specifics right—date, time, no, of guests and seat preference.

Hey! Are you super chilled out, engrossed attiring or perfectly drawing your eye-liner because the reservation is done? Not a noble conduct. If it’s a 19 hrs booking make sure your watch ticks leastwise 18:45 hours (not to mention a perfectly timed watch) when you are at the eatery’s threshold with your guests. ‘Punctuality is the politeness of kings’—adapt it.

Food Ordering

Talk to the person in charge and make yourself comfortable at your table. Don’t get started with your chitter-chatter already. Time to run down the carte du jour (menu) and avoid dispelling the recurring waiters awaiting your orders. Peruse through the menu list (request at least 2 menu cards if members are more), ask others their preferences, suggestions and quickly order.

Is the endless number of dishes perplexing you? Well take your time, if needed inquire but don’t bother your courteous waiter with constant persistence to alter the order. Might leave him perplexed instead! If you can’t decipher a particular fancy dish ask the waiter, don’t yell later.

Now, you may prattle but in a mellowed tone. Your jesting anecdotes, gleeful laughter and thumping might be totally unnecessary for others. So keep your tone low; maintain your etiquettes.

While you Eat

The hot delicious food is served. Pass them to all, take turns to help yourselves or ask the waiter, wait for others to start and arrange your napkins, needed cutleries and drinks— oh! are the exotic aromas challenging your patience, well hold on to your adrenaline rush. Now, you are ready to eat—wait I said eat and not gorge, eat decently picking one item at a time. Use your knives, forks, spoons decorously without playing with them. Look if others require something, you are permitted to converse but first swallow your food. If having drinks clink your glasses don’t bang them please.

Enjoying your time at the restaurant, the elegant d├ęcor, magnificent interior, the spotless white linen on the dining table and the clean sparkling flooring? Please don’t stain them. Littering the table with waste food is against dining protocols. Request for an extra plate for your throwaways.

While you Leave

So you are leaving? Bye adios — but have you cleaned your table? Yes, you should. The table might be messy with your leftovers or discarded food. You just generously tipped the waiter for his service, let him thank you rather feel disgusted. Use your napkins to at least clean the waste so much so that the next group of table occupants doesn’t grumble about your distasteful dining etiquettes.

This is your crisp list for a visit to the restaurant. There can be multiple additions to these which may vary depending on your purpose of visit. Remember to depict your benignant nature and decorum that speaks high of you. Enjoy eating!