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Cannabis sativa is commonly known as marijuana or ‘dope’ among many. As time went by, the market for cannabis kept increasing. If you are looking into investing in the cannabis business, you need to know that it is a very lucrative one if you would be selling it to the right people. There is also the medical marijuana that is usually given to patients by the doctors. It has therefore been legalized in several states.

The medical marijuana that is usually prescribed by the doctors is usually important because it helps to relieve extreme pain when it comes to the people suffering from chronic pains, it is useful when it comes to giving appetite to the people suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and at the same time helps to treat gastritis. When considering to start a marijuana business however, several factors must be put into consideration. Legality is what one really needs to consider. Some states require that you get a doctor’s prescription for one to begin growing the cannabis plant.

Before you set out to grow the cannabis, you will first have to figure out the place that you would use to grow it. If you will go with the indoor space, make sure that the place has electrical outlets. You could even grow them in the basements and the attics. Aside from the basements and the attics, you could also grow them in containers. While at it, make sure that you use the large plastic pots to grow the cannabis. Marijuana requires sufficient lighting to grow. You could easily ensure that the cannabis plant is exposed to sufficient sunlight by using fluorescent lights, high pressure sodium lights or the halide lights. Aside from just ensuring that the light is sufficient, you should also look into other important factors such as carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature and water.

Eventually, you should know that the harvesting process of cannabis is not difficult. If you have grown the cannabis plant, you ought to be aware of the fact that it should be harvested whenever the plant starts to flower. This means that you will have to give the plant time until the flowering period is almost over. Cut down the cannabis plant then remove the lower big leaves when the flowering period ends. After that, place the plants in very large boxes. Marijuana is best for use when dry. To fasten the drying process, you need to stir them around daily. The moment the plant is dry, you would be free enough to sell it to the right market of your choice or simply use it by yourself as long as you do not resort to distributing it illegally.

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